Zoom 5.0 Update: AES 256-Bit GCM Encryption Support, Security and Privacy Enhancements

Zoom achieved a major milestone in their 90-Day feature freeze plan in order to focus on security and privacy issues. With the Zoom 5.0 update, Zoom promises improvements on network encryption and user experience.

Zoom privacy and security complaints resurfaced recently as more and more users utilize the platform due to COVID- 19. Specifically, “Zoombombing” is most common.

Starting with network encryption, Zoom upgraded to the AES 256-Bit GCM Encryption for authenticated encryption and decryption. Zoom’s encryption algorithm improved means improved transmission data to data and account admins can pick their server region. It’s still not end-to-end encryption though. Zoom 5.0 GCM system- wide account enablement will be on May 30.

Security controls will also be a lot simpler on the Zoom 5.0 Update. The host’s interface will welcome a new security icon on the meeting bar that groups security- related features. For instance, hosts can report users or disable renaming capabilities on the clustered security icon.

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Apart from this, the Waiting Room feature will be default across all accounts. The Waiting Room feature lets hosts keep participants in individual waiting rooms before entering a meeting (even if ongoing). Likewise, Zoom’s enabling by-default passwords for most users. Business customers can have their passwords’ complexity defined by IT admins.

The Zoom dashboard for admins will also be able to view how their meetings connect to Zoom data centers. Here are other noteworthy features to check out on;

  • Users may now opt to have their Zoom Chat notifications not show a snippet of their chat
  • New non-PMI meetings now have 11-digit IDs for added complexity
  • During meetings, the meeting ID and Invite option have been moved from the main Zoom interface to the participants menu, making it harder for a user to accidentally share their meeting ID

You can update Zoom through zoom.com/download. Learn more about Zoom’s 90-day plan by visiting Zoom’s Official Blog.

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