Zilingo: Access to the Trendiest Fashion with your Fingertips

Being a tech geek doesn’t mean that I don’t have any fashion sense. I also shop for my clothes and, most especially, sneakers! Having the right clothes and sneakers not only make me look good, they make me feel good too. However, due to my busy schedule, I hard have the time to go to the mall and shop for clothes. So a friend suggested that I should try out Zilingo and maybe I could just simply shop online with my smartphone.

Opening the Zilingo app greeted me with a User-Interface that’s easy to understand. On top are shortcuts to the Marvel x Zilingo clothing line, as well as shortcuts to the Men’s, Women’, Kids, Lifestyle and Beauty. I am not sure why the Marvel x Zilingo line is just a small link on top. I am not a hard-core Marvel fan, but I believe it should have better placement along with the other sections in the center. With the discounts they are offering, these Marvel x Zilingo collection are more affordable than what a popular casual wear store is selling.

The main attraction found in the center of the app is the upcoming Grand Zilingo 10.10 Sale. I wanted to know more details about it, but I was just brought to the products page. I think Zilingo should provide a short description of the upcoming sale event, like how much discounts they would be offering or what brands are going to be on sale, and if they have any other event that would happen during that day like flash sales. I think it’s an opportunity for them to gain more new potential customers like me who has never used the app before.

The menu button on the upper left corner also shows quick links to the Men’s, Women’s and the rest of the other major sections. Also found in the list of menus is Recently Viewed. To my understanding, this feature should help shoppers what item they have checked before in the app but did not buy. I have opened a few items for men to find out more details about them, and when I went back to Recently Viewed, the list is empty. I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong with this, of misunderstood the use of this feature.

Scrolling down, I opened the bag section in search of a men’s bag. Since more bags for women are mostly shown in the app, I used the filter option to help me look for men’s bags only. I’m surprised with the amount of men’s bags they have on the app. I still couldn’t find a tote bag, but there are other bags in Zilingo that caught my interest. I think I’m in bag heaven!

Zilingo already has partners for exclusive discounts. These include Security Bank, PNB, RCBC, and Grab. I have an RCBC Credit Card and I’m thinking of using they code to get an additional 20% off without any minimum spend.

Speaking of additional discounts, Disney is also offering special discounts with its clothing line with Zilingo. I checked if it works by ordering a pair of Marvel joggers with a discounted price of P720. With the additional Disney coupon applied worth 20%, my pair of joggers is now worth P576.00!!! And delivery is free!!!

I am still checking out the selections under Men’s T-Shirt and Polos section. Hopefully, they could add more selections that would suit to my tastes.

Download the Zilingo app from the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zilingo.users&hl=en

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