We posted something about new Filipino appliances brand XTREME not so long ago. At first, I thought they were just another brand who sells LED TVs. I was wrong, XTREME is much, much more than that. They have other home appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioning units, gas range and others. Saw some of these products and I think they are of good quality. Last month, they sent us the XTREME MF-5500s 4K LED TV for review. It’s been years since I last reviewed an LED TV, but I accepted the offer so I would know if I can recommend this to everyone looking for a good priced TV for their homes.


Built-In ISDB-TYes
BacklightDirect LED
Display ResolutionUltra HD 3840×2160
Refresh Rate60Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time9ms
ConnectivityWiFi, LAN, 1 USB 2.0, 3 HDMI, AV Input, Line Out, SPDIF Out, RF Input
Power Requirement120V 60Hz AC
Power Consumption160W
Standby Power Consumption<0.5 W


I’ll start off with the appearance of the XTREME MF-5500s 4K LED TV. First thing I noticed are its thin bezels on the top and sides of the TV. While I wish for the bottom to also have a thin bezel, I didn’t mind at all. Unlike most TV sets, the soundbar is already built-in with the MF-5500s. I’ll discuss more on that later.

The TV’s frame and stands are made of metal, meaning they are sturdy enough to assure users it won’t break anytime soon.

Found at the back are ports for other hardware. It has USB 2.0, three HDMI ports, an AV port, AV input, RJ-45 (for internet connectivity), Optical Out, Line Out, and the antenna.

In case you lose the TV’s remote control, you can still access the Menus, TV channels and volume with the D-pad at the back.


Having used a large LED TV for the past couple of years, I am still wowed by the size of the XTREME MF-5500s. Display size is 55″ with an IPS panel and supports 4K resolution. Since it has IPS technology, the TV offers bright colors and good viewing angles.

4K UHD resolution is supported by the MF-5500s. 4K videos from YouTube and Netflix looked very clear and details of the picture were sharp and well defined.

A new feature I didn’t expect for this TV to have is HDR, or High Dynamic Range. HDR basically provides a brighter, more colorful and more realistic image on display. I watched Love, Death & Robots, one of the shows on Netflix with HDR and I was amazed with how richness of the colors and how they pop out on the screen.


A unique feature this TV has is is built-in soundbar. I initially had doubts that the soundbar would not produce the same results as the other soundbars I own. I was wrong. It sounded clear and louder than my other 55″ TV I have here at home. Bass is booming too, I felt the explosions on the action movie I was watching at that time.

The MF-500S is a SMART TV powered by Linux OS. XTREME did not provide which Linux distribution it used for its TV, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Opening the apps would reveal menu at the lower section of the screen. I was expecting it to be opened in a new window where you can see all the apps, but I welcome this arrangement as viewers may not want to miss what’s being shown on TV while selecting an app to open.

Apps can be downloaded from the App Store. Sadly, apps are limited and unlike those found in Android TVs.

One of the main apps in the XTREME MF-500S is Netflix. The streaming service can be access either by going to the SMART Menu or just by pressing the Netflix button on the remote control. With the built-in app, there isn’t a need for you anymore to cast your phone to the TV. Just sign in with your Netflix account and… chill! If you’re subscribed to Netflix’s Premium Plan, then you will surely utilize the MF-500S’s 4K and HDR capabilities since a lot of the shows under this plan are on these formats.

YouTube is the other main app in the TV. You can sign in with your Google account and your search and viewing history will be synced with the TV. You can also take advantage of watching 4K videos on YouTube since the MF-5000S supports it. You may also access the app by pressing the YouTube button on the remote.

You can open a browser from the SMART Menu just like in your PC.

Selecting the SMART icon in the menu reveals different settings and modes. You can switch the WiFi connection turn the soundbar On or Off, turn on Sports mode, etc. If you just want to listen to the TV without watching, you can just select “Enjoy Music” and the screen will turn off while the sound of the program you were watching is still audible.


The XTREME MS-500S SMART TV made a very good impression during my review period. Can you believe a 4K UHD HDR SMART TV like this would cost only P26,995?!! That’s a lot cheaper than the same 55″ TV I have right now! I highly recommend buying this 55″ TV from XTREME.

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