Xiaomi Announces the Redmi 2

After ending the year on a high note with great revenues, Xiaomi has announced that it will soon be releasing the Redmi 2, the next iteration to the widely-popular Redmi 1S.

Redmi 2
Here are the basic specs compared to those of its predecessor:

Redmi 1S VS Redmi 2
Although it does retain a lot of the physical attributes of the 1S, the Redmi 2 received a processor and a UI upgrade. We guess that a MIUI based on Android 5.0 Lollipop was too much to ask for, but we’re crossing our fingers that an upgrade is in the works. The battery also got an additional 200mAh boost. Connectivity-wise, the Chinese release will have 4G capabilities, which would hopefully trickle to other international releases.

Redmi 2The RedMi2 is priced at 699 (approximately Php5000) and will be selling in China starting January 9, but there’s no word as to when it’ll come to other territories. Xiaomi is definitely wasting no time in announcing new innovations, as we’ll also be seeing the unveiling of its new flagship come January 15.

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