Windows Mobile 5.0 QWERTY Club!

Rey Vegafria, webmaster of Airfagev Smartphone (, Doc Gary a.k.a. arowanaboy and I met the other night so they can compare their weapons of choice. Devices shown below are Rey’s Qtek 9100 and Doc’s Dopod 838. The Qtek 9100 is similar to O2’s XDA Mini-S and I-mate K-Jam while the Dopod 838 only has a twin in the form of Cingular 8125. Many are attracted to the 9100’s rounded corners, but personally I like the 838’s industrial design. Not only that, the keyboard of the 838 is almost similar to my I-mate Jasjar’s. I tried to enter text on both the 9100 and 838 on different occasions and I found the latter the easiest to use, only giving me a few typo errors. Earlier that day, I showed Doc Gary how to use the Voice Commander feature on reading new SMS! If we can only find away to copy it to my Jasjar…

The Qtek 9100 and the Dopod 838

the Qtek 9100 and the Dopod 838






and of course, I brought along my I-mate Jasjar to join the QWERTY Club!


shall I call this the Holy Trinity of Windows Mobile 5?

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