Will there be an ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom?

Looks like there will be an ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom, at least with the news I’ve read today. In my blog post about our interview with ASUS Global CEO Mr. Jerry Shen last June, he was tight lipped on my question about a newer version of the Zoom. I knew they were hiding something and that is understandable, until I stumbled upon some surprising news today.

According to an article by Tech Updates, TENAA who is China’s Telecommunications equipment certification center posted the new Zenfone 3 Zoom’s specs (ZO1HDA) on their website. The most interesting feature of the new version of the Zoom based on the pictures is the dual-lens camera at the back. The dual-lens camera supposedly gives users a way to have optical zoom and take photos with more natural lighting. It is said to have a 16MP and 13MP rear cameras and a 13MP camera at the front.

Processor is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Processor with internal storage ranging from 16GB to 64GB, and RAM from 2GB to 4GB. I was hoping that they will use a Snapdragon 820 at least, but the 625 can do the job just fine. Its screen will have a 5.5-inches Full HD AMOLED display and a whopping battery of 4,850 mAh.

I have no idea yet how much the phone can zoom in, but I hope it will do a better job than the original Zenfone Zoom. I would like to see this push through by the 1st quarter of 2017.

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