Why I Chose the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a SMART Giga X Plan?

Since 2011, I get a new iPhone every November or December whenever they get released here in the Philippines. I started with an iPhone 4s and went through every iPhone model until the iPhone 6s Plus. I was supposed to get the iPhone 7 but went against it. Instead, I took a fancy on an iPhone 6 128GB variant for a very irresistible price early last year. A few months later, I started using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as my daily driver. It was a whole lot better than the Note 7 which I thought of buying the previous year and I fell in love with it. I was all set to get the Note 8, but that plan was thwarted by the arrival of the iPhone X. I liked the new iPhone’s weight and large screen size so I got one last December. I removed my SIM card from the Note 8 and returned it to Samsung.

I was pretty happy with the iPhone X, but honestly I got bored of it immediately. I got bored of iOS. The camera is better compared to previous iPhones, but there were scenarios where I felt the photos were unexposed. And the missing headphone jack eventually became an issue for me whenever I forget to bring my lightning to 3.5mm headphone connector. I started to look for a new Android smartphone that I can use.

Last summer, I gained interest in the Huawei P20 Pro. Friends from other tech blogs are using the P20 Pro as their main phones and they’ve been harping about its amazing camera. True enough, my iPhone X is no match with the P20 Pro’s camera. Also, the Twilight color is so pretty! I inquired about it in my favorite SMART Store but unfortunately it was always out of stock. My interest on the P20 Pro died down, though it would resurrect once in a while.

There was also the OPPO Find X. I really loved the almost bezel less screen display and its unique pop-up cameras. It has the fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and the fast charging VOOC technology. It’s a serious choice for me but before I buy one, I wanted to try it out first. I didn’t have the chance up to now.

Last month, I attended the local Samsung Unpacked event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I expected minor upgrades on the phone, and, quite honestly wasn’t too keen about it. I even told myself to just get a Note 8 since it’s now a cheaper option. Having said that, I asked myself why would I get last year’s flagship when a new flagship is already here? Despite of the minor upgrades I’ve noticed, at least there are some rather than none. The Note 9’s screen is 0.1 inch bigger than the Note 8 – yeah I’ll still take that. 128GB compared to the Note 8’s 64GB internal storage – i’ll definitely say yes especially you can store additional storage up to 1TB. 4,000 mAh battery to last year’s 3,300 mAh. Faster processor. Improved camera. I internalized these facts for a couple of weeks and then I realized that these upgrades are substantial to the Note 9’s characteristics.

I also realized that I thought about getting the Note 7 two years ago but it was recalled. Then the Note 8 last year but got the iPhone X. I think it’s now the time for me to get the Note 9.

I went to the SMART Store last week with two choices: the Huawei P20 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In my personal poll on Facebook, more friends chose the P20 Pro for its spectacular camera. Those who chose the Note 9 like it for its versatility. I also wanted versatility and I believed that the Note 9 can provide that. The Smart Store has both phones on stock. The P20 Pro in Twilight is finally available, but what are the available colors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9? There’s only one color I’m keen on getting – Ocean Blue. I asked the SMART Representative if they have it on stock. Lo and behold, they have Ocean Blue in the store. The last stock. It was meant for ME!


My Smart iPhone Plan since 2011 has now been switched to a SMART Giga X Plan. I now have a bigger open access data allocation and a separate video access allocation per month. I can also now enjoy data rollover of my unused data access to the succeeding month so that nothing would be wasted. Speaking of mobile data, SMART LTE is the best in the country today. I’ve been using their LTE service since 2013 and it was always reliable wherever I went. Last year, they have improved their service in various areas and a lot of us subscribers have benefited from it.

By the way, this is my 15th year as a SMART Postpaid Subscriber. My current main postpaid line is my second main subscription since 2003.

So if you want to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from a network, get it from SMART by subscribing to a Giga X Plan. For P2,799 per month you can enjoy Samsung’s latest flagship device with 15GB data that comprises 10GB video streaming and 5GB for surfing websites and apps;  monthly unlimited texts to all networks; and 60 minutes of calls to all networks – under a 24-month contract.

I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and have been using it quite extensively for more than a week already. I will post my full review soon.

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