Why Am I Looking Forward to Review the Lenovo Legion 5?

This year alone, Lenovo Legion has launched a barrage of gaming products for all types of gamers and even content creators. Among these new Legion products, one gaming laptop has piqued my interest. The Legion 5 is one of Lenovo’s mainstream gaming laptops that offer performance for a good value. Filipino gamers always wish for a gaming laptop that doesn’t cost
an arm and a leg, and I think the Lenovo Legion 5 can fit their needs.

The Lenovo Legion 5’s design is based on its predecessor, the Legion Y540 which looks calm and professional. It sports a refreshing look that doesn’t have wild designs and color combinations non-gaming users prefer for work. It has a 15.6″ IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen display with Full HD resolution, HDR, and 100% sRGB color accuracy. Having an IPS display with 100% sRGB will benefit graphic designers and content creators who need to use this kind of laptop for their line of work. It also has a fast 144Hz refresh rate which gamers would take advantage of especially during fast-paced FPS or racing games.

Under its hood is the latest AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor which is making waves right now among PC and gaming enthusiasts. It can deliver more power to portable laptops, and having reviewed one with Ryzen 9 recently, I have high expectations with the Ryzen 7 on the Legion 5. Its graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 capable of running the latest AAA games as
well as support real-time ray tracing. Hybrid mode can conserve the Legion 5’s battery by turning off the graphics card automatically whenever software applications do not need it. Storage ranges from 1TB to 2TB HDD and 256GB to 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD while memory is up to 16GB. It has plenty of ports placed at the back so it won’t be a nuisance to your other stuff
sandwiching the Legion 5.

Now, the problem with most gaming laptops with these specs is managing the heat. Lenovo introduced its ColdFront 2.0 utilizing copper heat piping technology to dissipate heat for a more efficient, quieter, and cooler machine. I would like to see this work with the AMD processor and
find out how much heat it can handle.

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The Legion 5 comes bundled with Lenovo’s 3-Year Premium Care warranty solution, which provides comprehensive software and hardware support. In cases where technical troubleshooting is needed, buyers of the Legion 5 can simply utilize the warranty’s 24×7 direct access to Lenovo technicians, and when requested, they can personally go to your location for repairs on the next business day. To further maintain the device’s health in the long run, Premium Care also provides an annual PC Health Check to examine its overall status.

The Legion 5 is among Lenovo’s innovative roster of PCs and smart devices designed for more people and businesses to unlock their potential. In its commitment to deliver smarter technology for all, Lenovo continues to create a sustainable leading position across all smart devices and software/services and invest in the future technologies that will shape tomorrow.

With all these features packed in the Legion 5, its SRP of P56,995 sounds like it’s a very good deal. This is a good price point for gamers who want the best value for a gaming laptop as well as graphic artists and content creators looking for a powerful tool without the loud design.

Since a lot of friends and blog followers are asking for the best laptop for their needs, I hope I can also review the Lenovo Legion 5 with AMD Ryzen 7 and maybe I can also recommend it as well.

Contact any of Lenovo’s authorized resellers to get your hands on a Legion 5: http://lenovoph.com/authorizedresellers

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