Where to Buy Realme? Anywhere in the Philippines’ 1,000+Stores

So you’ve been wanting to buy a Realme phone. Problem is you don’t want to purchase it online for certain reasons. They started selling through MemoXpress, the largest mobile retail store chain in the country last month, but none of their stores are located near my area. So Where to Buy Realme?

Oh, Realme has heard from people like you! Starting this month, the newest and fastest growing smartphone brand in the Philippines, is now gearing up for its nationwide availability by expanding to 1000+ stores nationwide. Now available in more than 10 dealer stores present across the nation, Realme Philippines aims to provide to more Filipinos the real value of its products such as the entry-level hit Realme C1 which was well-received in Metro Manila and key parts of the country.

Realme is now available in offline stores nationwide such as MemoXpress, Intogadgets, Fone Style, Boma Telecom, Fonetwist, Techknow, Tech101, Galleon Enterprises Telecom, Aerophone, Electronico, Cybertech and Wiltelcom. Currently reaching more than 150+ stores, the expansion will continue for the whole month of January to reach nationwide availability.

To check the full list of stores NATIONWIDE, just click on this link:

<iframe width=650 height=700 src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQMg6NQLpWqSvpxouiMdGXvqvyRJjsImydf8WiC-s1W25eWP04Cyuub7mDQdswK7hDRG1SXkkJabbBP/pubhtml?widget=true&amp;headers=false“></iframe>

“We feel the demand and clamor of our customers to see Realme in their nearby malls. This motivates us to expand to more stores nationwide and deliver the value of Realme to more Filipinos,” shares Realme Philippines Chief Operating Officer Jacky Chen.

Realme is gearing up for its nationwide expansion, in preparation the brand has activated 23 Service Centers nationwide to accommodate any repairs or future after sales inquiries. Full list of the service centers can be seen at the official Facebook Page of Realme Philippines .

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