What I’m Expecting to See in the OPPO Find X?

OPPO is one of the most popular mobile phone brands in the Philippines today. Their success was largely contributed by their introduction of their F series phones in 2016. Originally, the idea of the F series is for users who are serious in mobile photography. However, they pivoted their strategy and produced phones where the Selfie Camera became the star feature. It worked, and their phones like the F3, F5, and most recently the F7 continue to shatter their own sales records and let their users take their selfies like movie stars.

So far, OPPO Philippines has a range of phones in the entry-level and mid-range phone market. For as low as P6,990, the OPPO A71 can be purchased with decent specs. The OPPO A83 has its own series ranging from P8,990 to P12,990.¬†Currently their best phone in the market today, the F7 has the lowest price of P13,990 for the F7 Youth and P21,990¬†as the highest for its souped-up storage of 128GB. From the looks of it, it seems OPPO is already contented with their success. I’ve asked them in the past what’s next after the F7? Will they still continue their Selfie Expert line? Just ass I thought, they have something bigger in store and it will be announced on June 19.

The return of OPPO’s Find series is refreshing news. OPPO hasn’t released any Find phones for the past couple of years, concentrating on the R and F series as I’ve mentioned earlier. The Find series is the premium line of the brand. When OPPO opened shop in the Philippines a few years ago, the Find 5 and the Find 7 were among the products launched to the public. These phones were powered by Qualcomm, have nice aesthetics and fast charging. I’m not sure how their sales went back then, but I’m certain Filipinos wouldn’t buy a new phone brand worth at least P20,000. They would opt for a Samsung or an LG instead.

Now that OPPO has laid the groundwork for their entry-level and mid-range segments as well as being a very popular brand worldwide, it’s about time for them to get on the saddle and join the big boys in the high-end smartphone market. The new Find X is their vehicle in getting there and from what I’ve read and heard it has what it takes to rattle the other players.

The new Find X might be a borderless phone, if not almost bezel-less similar to the OnePlus 6 (they’re sister companies, remember?) As far as I can remember, they haven’t used glass in their previous flagships so I reckon they will use a combination of metal and glass to make it really elegant. Screen should be bigger than the F7’s 6.23-inch display. MediaTek’s chipsets are found in most of the F series phones and while the Helio P60 is a very fast and reliable processor, I don’t think OPPO will apply it on their flagship. Rumours that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, the fastest in smartphones to date will power the Find X. I think this is true because Qualcomm was also behind the previous Find phones years ago, and they would need the best processor in the planet to compete with the other smartphone giants. Nowadays, 64GB Internal Storage and 6GB of RAM are the minimum for a flagship and I think we can see these in the Find X, though OPPO might increase it to 128GB.

What about the cameras? Remember what they announced last year at the Mobile World Congress 2017?

I have a big hunch we will see these cameras in the new Find X and I see it’s a perfect timing. The Find series will become what the F series should have been – users who want to take mobile photography to the next level. The Samsung Galaxy S series have great cameras and Huawei’s latest P20 series are gaining its new fanbase too. To compete with them, OPPO’s Find series should have a compelling reason on why potential customers should get a Find X instead of the other two for the main purpose of taking pictures.

Lastly, my initial forecast for its pricing will be between P35,000P45,000. Wait, why is my forecast high? If OPPO’s highest priced phone as of the moment is P21,990, why not around P26,990 or match the ASUS ZenFone 5Z’s price of P29,990? It’s because, OPPO is not threatened by the ZenFones and the Find X is not after the ZenFone market after all. From what I know, the Find X is after the Galaxy S9 and P20/Pro’s market, which is high end.

What are the chances that OPPO will take a portion of that high end market segment? A HUGE CHANCE. They have factories that produce phones of the highest quality and standards (I visited one of their factories in Shenzhen last year which you can read here.) They have Research and Development facilities all around the world. They have an aggressive Sales and Marketing team. They have countless of celebrity endorsers and brand ambassadors for each country. In a few years, I think they will take a huge chunk of whole smartphone market if they become successful.

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