Watching from the Sidelines

I’ve heard of International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) since 2006 but it’s only this year that I’ve been following it with great interest. What I am interested with CES are the coverages for Windows Mobile, UMPCs, MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) and Tablet PCs. GottaBeMobile and jkOnTheRun did a great job of covering these while UMPC Portal worked on the sidelines collating news from the event and got other news from Jenn of

Based on the products they’ve covered, here are the gadgets I’d love to play with and hopefully would own:


Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium


Photo Courtesy of jkOnTheRun

Samsung released an update for the Q1 Ultra. The difference between this and the Q1 Ultra are the processor, the bigger thumboard, and it will be released with XP Tablet Edition. I find it quite strange why they’re not going to release it with Vista like the Q1 Ultra.


Asus R50A UMPC


Photo Courtesy of jkOnTheRun

I like the design of Asus’ UMPCs lately, and the R50A looks really attractive. It has a smaller screen than the Q1 Ultra Premium with 5.6″, built-in GPS and digital TV Tuner, webcam, and WiMAX ready.


How I wish I can be there too!

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