Want to use 3G for Free? Use Smart Net!

I’ve been harping the use of mobile internet for the past several years and I’m glad that fellow pinoys have started to adapt it with their smartphones and tablets. However, not everybody is on unlimited data packages. Also, I noticed that there are still more people who are afraid to go online. I still hear comments like “Ayoko, baka ma-charge ako” (“No thanks, I might be charged by the network”) and “May WiFi ba dito?” (“Is WiFi available here?”) whenever I bring up this kind of service.

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Good news is SMART can let you use their mobile internet for free by using Smart NetSMART subscribers would just have to download the Smart Net app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play on their respective iPhones and Android smartphones. If you’re not using a smartphone, no worries! Just go to m.smartnet.ph and you can use Facebook, Twitter and other services like Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! OMG, Yahoo! Chat & Yahoo! Mail for FREE! With these free services, you can chat, share and network with your friends online wherever you are without having to worry about your data consumption or worse, look for a WiFi hotspot.

I have yet to try this as I am on a data plan but since I have a spare Smart Buddy Micro SIM, I thought of using this on the HTC 8X Windows Phone I’m currently reviewing. What I will do is top-up at least 50 pesos and see if my load will be deducted while I’m on Smart Net but I’m confident that my load will still be intact. Speaking of which, there is also a Smart Net app for Windows Phone. I am not sure why they didn’t mention this in their Smart Net page but for those SMART Windows Phone users, you may find this as good news as well.

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