Upcoming SH Figuarts releases from The Mandalorian series!

tamashii.jp, the website for Bandai’s completed figure/toy product branding, lists 2 new exciting releases under the SH Figuarts (SHF) line!

SH Figuarts “The Mandalorian” (Beskar Armor version)

Release date: September 2020
SRP: JPY 7,700 (tax included)

The titular character of the series, Din Djarin, gets another awesome release in the SHF line!

While the base figure is similar to the previously released SHF “The Mandalorian” regular version, the most notable difference of this one to its predecessor is the upgraded full Beskar Armor it now wears, as as also seen in The Mandalorian series.

Aside from the full Beskar Armor, this figure also comes with the Mandalorian jetpack, complete with thruster effects when you want to pose the figure in flight mode.

Other additions include the effects parts for the flame thrower for the right vambrace and Whistling Bird weapon for the left vambrace. There is also a spark effects part for use with the Amban Sniper Rifle for its melee / taser mode. These effects parts were previously not included in the regular release version.

Other accessories for Din Djarin are a blaster pistol, with its own holster, as well as a vibro knife, ready for use in any action pose or scene. The figure also retains that badass cloak as in the previous version, rounding up that menacing bounty hunter look!

SH Figuarts “The Child”

Release date: September 2020
SRP: JPY 3,850 (tax included)

The SHF line for The Mandalorian series would not be complete without a figure release for the character that was essentially the reason for all of Din Djarin‘s struggles in the series. Yes folks, we’re getting a release of SHF “The Child”! (a.k.a. “Baby Yoda”)

The pint sized figure looks every bit as cute and adorable as its on-screen counterpart. Bandai seems to have put in a lot of effort to make any fabric accessory as authentic looking as possible. The Child wears real fabric, though it looks a bit more softer than the clothing it wears on-screen, and there’s no way to tell at this time whether it is removable (my guess is not). It’s floating pod is lined with fabric that seems to be the same material as the cloak for the Din DJarin figure.

For such a small figure, it comes with a lot of accessories. I’ve already mentioned the floating pod, which also comes with a transparent stand to complete the floating effect. It has a small drinking cup which can be used to imitate similar scenes in the show. And it also comes with a backpack that can be used as an alternate carrier for The Child, just like how IG-11 used it below. (SHF IG-11 was previously announced at Tokyo Comic Con 2019.)

Both figures are labeled “Product not final. Pending licensor approval” as of this time, but given the popularity of these 2 characters, and the series “The Mandalorian” in general, it’s only a matter of time before final approval pushes through. There might be some minor design changes, but based on experience, these should be minimal.

If you are a fan of “The Mandalorian” series or Star Wars in general, you don’t wanna miss these releases! We will try to update the article (or post a new one) as we get additional info on SH Figuarts release of The Mandalorian, so stay tuned and check our page from time to time!

Credits: tamashii.jp, Toyzfrontline on FB

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