Unexpected Lessons on Fatherhood from PlayStation Games

(This is a Press Release sent by our friends in Sony Philippines)

Fatherhood wisdom can come from different sources and in many forms. Video games, for example, can be surprising sources for lessons on being a father. Through the years, we have seen father and father-figures not only greatly contribute to epic storylines but also serve as examples that can be emulated by current and dads-to- be. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we list down seven lessons we learned

from different virtual dads in our favorite PlayStation games.


Throughout Final Fantasy X, Jecht was especially tough on Tidus. He taught Tidus that independence comes with responsibility and made him learn the hard way, even mocking his son at times. But in the latter parts of the game, we then see Jecht’s real purpose: to prepare Tidus to be strong so that he can be a better man than his father.


As a former outlaw who decided to change his life as he started a family, Red Dead Redemption’s John Marston knew his past would eventually come back to haunt him. While he tried his best to run away from his old self and the sins he committed, he couldn’t escape his past. Wanting to atone for his past and save his wife and kid, John goes to defend them against characters from his past—ultimately costing him his life.


After losing his first son in a car accident and his other son kidnapped by the Origami Killer, the life of Heavy Rain’s Ethan Mars was certainly not an easy one. However, knowing how important his sons are to him, he proves throughout the game his willingness to do absolutely everything he can to save his kidnapped son—a kind of determination every father should emulate.


Starting off The Walking Dead Season 1 as a convicted murderer, Lee Everett showed that you can be a good example despite your bad past. He taught Clementine to act like a lady, to make sure that she respects people even though they were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Lee made Clementine realize that how she treats other people is a direct reflection of who she is.


Uncharted’s Victor “Sully” Sullivan proved to be one of the greatest father figures in gaming to his best friend Nathan Drake. Assuring Nate that he will always be there when he is needed most and mentoring him since he was a street urchin back in South America, Sully made sure that Nate learned all that there is to know in life and helped shape the man he turned out to be. Sully stood by Nate through the ups and downs—essentially one of the big tenets of fatherhood.


One of the most memorable opening sequences in a video game also showed the kind of father Joel is in The Last of Us. After a series of tragic events, the game moves forward to 20 years and Joel is tasked with transporting a girl who is key to the survival of mankind. Facing the toughest of challenges and life-threatening situations, Joel never gave up and protected the girl with all his might. He might not be the girl’s dad but his bravery and fatherly instincts certainly showed throughout the game.


Offered a chance at redemption through fatherhood, God of War’s Kratos is back and he is not alone. In the gameplay footage shown so far, Kratos now has a son and already, he is teaching the boy how to survive everyday life in the wilderness. He’s also letting his son guide the hunt—teaching him early the value of independence and knowing how to do things on his own. We can’t wait for the return of Kratos and how his fatherhood story unfolds.

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