Toshiba Launches Pro Theatre Line Up

L9300 (2)


Toshiba Corporation recently announced its new line-up of LED TVs designed to provide viewers with a truly exciting viewing experience. The Toshiba “Pro Theatre” series is aiming for the ASEAN market and they believe that it will help them achieve more than 20% of the market share in this region by the end of the fiscal year of 2014.

Toshiba launched three new series of ‘Pro Theatre’ in the ASEAN market: the flagship L9300 Series; the L4300 series, Toshiba’s first TVs with the Android operating system; and the L3300 series featuring “Turbo LED” and “Detail Booster”.

All of the TVs in the “Pro Theatre” line-up feature “Intelligent Auto View”, a new technology that monitors room brightness, and other aspects of the viewing environment. It then automatically adjusts picture parameters such as color temperature, color depth, sharpness, and backlight. Meticulous fine tuning of these characteristics ensures that the “Pro Theatre” line-up delivers optimal movie quality at all times. This new technology is grounded in studies of the human brain-eye characteristics and on analysis of the picture parameters in the professional monitors used by film makers.


Featuring four times the resolution of today’s 1080p full HD TVs, the L9300 series delivers the ultimate viewing experience for movies and TV shows. Powered by Toshiba’s proprietary CEVO 4K and equipped with a Quad core CPU, the L9300 series delivers the highest quality Ultra HD image processing, including “Resolution Restoration” to restore clean, near Ultra HD image quality from less than 4K content and “Surface Brilliance Enhancement” that brings images to life like never before.

With over eight million pixels on an Ultra HD display, the L9300 series allows viewers to sit closer to the screen than with a standard HD TV set without being distracted by the pixel structure. Not only that, Toshiba’s advanced image processing technologies enable viewers to enjoy pin-sharp images and read small text easily. With this flagship series, Toshiba expects to establish a strong presence in ASEAN’s high-end TV market.

The L9300 series is available in 58- and 84-inch models and is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2013.


Alongside an exciting home viewing experience and superb picture quality, for those viewers who want the extended viewing pleasure of access to the internet and its universe of content, Toshiba offers the L4300 series, its first TV with Android. It opens up access to the wide array of Android apps and offers a convenient way to browse and enjoy content. The L4300 series supports YouTube, and images from the video sharing website are reproduced clearer and smoother thanks to Toshiba’s superb image processing technology.

The L4300 series, available in 39- and 50-inch models, is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2013.

L3300 (2)

The L3300 series showcases two of Toshiba’s latest innovations in image processing: “Turbo LED” and “Detail Booster”. “Turbo LED” boosts brightness dramatically, by 50%, delivering clearer, smoother images with superb resolution. The feature is controlled by the viewer and can be used when needed, keeping power consumption to a reasonable level. “Detail Booster” enhances both resolution and image texture. It improves overall resolution by restoring image edge sharpness affected by the upscaling process, while texture enhancement analyses the original images and hones a stereoscopic effect by strengthening their brilliance. With brighter, cleaner pictures, it delivers greater viewing pleasure.  The L3300 series also supports YouTube. The L3300 series, available in 32- and 39 inch models, is scheduled to ship in September 2013.

“The core value of TVs is how we can maximize the excitement that viewers get from the large screen. That’s ‘the entertainment power of TV,’” said Shigenori Tokumitsu, President of Digital Products & Services Company, an in-house company of Toshiba Corporation. “Movies give us our most immersive viewing experiences because viewers can feel the passions and thoughts thatthe writer, director and film crew make a stunning reality. We want to do the same with the ‘Pro Theatre’ TVs. Using our superb image processing technologies, we want to offer them as the ‘Best TVs for Watching Movies’”.

The global TV trend is to big screens and high definition. The new “Pro Theatre” line-up reflects this and adds much more. Drawing on Toshiba’s leading-edge imaging technologies to enhance picture quality and create precise images, Toshiba continues to deliver a truly exciting viewing experience on bigger and better screens.

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