TNT is a Tropa Thing!

The brand formerly known as Talk ‘N Text has just announced their new logo, new tagline and a new jingle which actually is a catchy tune. The TNT or Talk N Text new logo is inspired by app icons which reflects the target market of the brand.

“TNT specifically wants to cater to the needs of the Pinoy Generation Z, an age group that identifies with their own tropa that share their aspirations, give them inspiration and just help them get through the day. With TNT’s most affordable offers and exciting treats, they can easily stay connected with their tropa and enjoy more fun-filled moments with each other,” said Smart Wireless Consumer Operations Head Kat Luna-Abelarde.

Smart Wireless Consumer Operations Head Kat Luna-Abelarde

Smart Wireless Consumer Operations Head Kat Luna-Abelarde

The new brand ambassadors of TNT is composed of, well, a Tropa: April, Brent, Kelly, Ian and Renzo. The TNT Tropa represents the classic Pinoy barkada with different personalities and quirks – but just blend with each other effortlessly and are a bunch of fun when they come together.

The brand is reinforcing its new message with ‘It’s a Tropa Thing!,’ a catchy song written and performed by award-winning duo Thyro and Yumi along with hit Pinoy rapper Quest – who all join the expanding list of TNT ambassadors.

“You know how every tropa speaks its own language, sports its own character and has its own standing jokes? – It’s a Tropa Thing! TNT embodies all these things that make the tropa click, embracing its role as the glue that binds every tropa together,” said Miriam Choa, TNT Brand Head.

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