Tips for Working at Home During COVID19

One week into the (Enhanced) Community Quarantine, most of us (or those asked to work from our homes) should by now have settled in our respective homes to weather this out. If you still need help, here are some tips working at home during the COVID19 outbreak. These tips are lessons I’ve picked up over the years working from home.

In some cases, companies may have provided employees with laptops (or allow remote connections to their machines at the office) in order to continue working during the quarantine period. Ensure that:

  • Continue following company policies regarding accessing sites when using company issued laptops to avoid getting infected with computer virus. This goes double as we are now working from our home networks.
  • If there’s a company VPN available, connect there for added network security.
  • And on the subject of security, beware of social media posts that may link to sites that will ask for your credentials, you may end up as a victim of phishing.
  • In order to keep your laptops in tip top shape, always turn it off after work. This prevents wearing out the laptop, and possible trip to the IT Department… if they are open.
  • For laptops, to avoid overheating, a quick is to simply incline the laptop with a book or small box. This will allow for improved airflow. Avoid putting a running laptop on any cloth surface as well. Overheating laptops can end up damaging the entire laptop’s motherboard.
  • With working from home, collaboration apps are essential. Some examples teams could use are: Skype, Microsoft Teams, and good old Slack. While they have video conferencing, I would recommend not to use videos but instead limit to voice only conferences, to limit consumption of bandwidth.
  • And while working from home, one can offset the time usually consumed while travelling to and from work. By doing so, one can spread out breaks and be able to do chores at home.
  • Also, while at home, don’t stick sitting on your chair for too long. Move around the house to keep physically active.

With these tips, hopefully doing work from home specially if doing this the first time would be made easier.

I’ll try posting another blog post focusing on stuff to do outside of work while at home with your computer.

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