Throwback Thursday: Cherry Mobile Comet


I arrived from a 24-day Visayas-Mindanao trip on the last week of August 2009 when I was told that the small phone we’re waiting for has finally arrived. Cherry Mobile called it the Comet, and I had mine reserved right away because it was so unique.

The Comet was heavy for its small size and a lot had mistaken it for 5-digit priced phone. It used a regular SIM and it can make calls and SMS. It can even take pictures too which can be stored on a Micro SD. I fancied using it as a spy phone before.

Because of its size, the Comet had a short battery life and wouldn’t last a day. Good thing Cherry Mobile supplied an extra battery along with the package. They also gave away a free case that resembled a lipstick case. A couple of lady friend saw it and thought I was already using a lipstick!

The Cherry Mobile Comet retailed for Php 3,999.00 and was in demand during the last few months of 2009.


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