The “Next Chapter” for Windows 10


A few months back, we wrote about the unveiling of Microsoft’s newest OS. Now, the tech giant is set to show the world the latest  Windows 10 updates on January 21 at 9am in its Redmond headquarters (1am on January 21 in the Philippines), an event which can be seen live via webcast at

This can be a great opportunity for Microsoft to bring many customers back into the fold after the not-so-successful Windows 8. It’s been said that the new OS will build upon Windows 7, and will work as a unified system for all devices, whether they be PCs, tablets, or mobile phones. Aside from this, there are also three rumors that have the possibility of being huge for the company if they’re to be confirmed during the event:

  • that Microsoft will reveal Spartan, the browser that’s set to replace Internet Explorer;
  • that we’ll get to see the new features of Windows 10 for mobile phones; and
  • that there will be news about how Windows 10 is being skewed towards gaming, especially with the surfacing of the supposed Xbox App and a game streaming service codenamed Arcadia.

Curious? We’ll be keeping you posted about how January 21 goes for Microsoft, so stay tuned.

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