The New PLDT Home Fam Cam – Sleek Design with Improved Security Coverage

The PLDT Home Fam Cam, the telco giant’s home monitoring system, is now available in two new models equipped with more advanced features in its visual coverage, motion and sound detection, and high-definition (HD) quality images.

The all-new Basic Fam Cam can now move to a 120-degree wide angle for better visual coverage. It also features night vision, Bluetooth set-up, motion and sound detection, HD quality images and mobile app support so customers can monitor their home remotely. It is now Smart-Home ready that can support Alexa and Google Home technologies. The Basic Fam Cam is available for an additional P99 per month.

The upgraded Advanced Fam Cam has all the same features and more. It has a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication, an SD card slot and an ultra 4x zoom capability. It also now has a 180-degree wide angle range. Customers who wish to upgrade only need to add P399 per month for this model.

Both PLDT Home Fam Cam models are manufactured by Singapore-based D-Link, a global leader in communications solutions.  All existing PLDT Home Fibr customers with Plan 1299 and up are eligible to upgrade.

With the new Fam Cam, PLDT gives customers a priceless offer—peace of mind. Parents can monitor their children’s activities at home and even communicate with them, while homeowners can check on their home, pets and valuables when they are away. 

Keep your homes secure and never miss a precious moment with your family. Visit find out more.

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