The Importance of 5 Minutes In Today’s World of Technology

Throughout the years, I try my best to work as quickly and efficiently as I can. Decades ago, I rely on books and encyclopedias for research in our school library before going home and type the report on my typewriter. Nowadays, any questions I have in mind can be quickly searched with a phone connected to mobile data. For more than a decade, I’ve been opening Google to check on an inquiry and get the answer almost immediately. This was particularly helpful whenever I’m in a meeting or a casual conversation. Thanks to Fiber and LTE connectivity, getting answers in seconds is now a possibility.

We are all aware technology is fast improving and continues to change the way we do things. Thanks to advancements in technology, one of its benefits is TIME. Haven’t you noticed yet? Instead of going to a library, searching a topic on the internet can be done on the spot. Instead of spending minutes trying to call a customer service representative over the phone, you can chat with them on their website or social network account. With the help of fast internet upload speeds, you can now upload photos and videos right away.

With technology, almost everything can be done in an instant.

However, the bane of mobile devices is the long charging times. Personally, it’s one of my main enemies in my field of work. Yes, there are powerbanks that can charge your phone without hogging a coffee shop’s power outlet, but it can be cumbersome and annoying especially if you’re in a middle of an event coverage.

Thankfully, OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charge Technology is back again with the recently announced Find X, and by tomorrow, the OPPO F9. I really missed this feature because it was a godsend when I was still using the OPPO F1 Plus, previously the last phone to have VOOC. Not only it is back now, but it is even better than before.

Before I continue, let me go back to the topic of time by asking this question: How Important is 5 Minutes In Your Life?¬†Whenever we run out of time, we ask for an extra 5 minutes. In the NBA, if a game ends in a deadlock, a 5-minute OVERTIME period will take effect. For OPPO, 5 minutes is important to charge a phone. A 5-minute charge can now give your phone 2 hours of talktime. That’s equivalent for taking more photos and videos while having fun, or doing a livestream on social media of an event you are part of. In short, a lot of things can be done in a short period of charging time.

For some, 5 minutes is a lot of time, while others find it short. OPPO gives us only 5 minutes to free my phone from power outlets and powerbanks to continue enjoying my life.

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