Testing an iPad 4 with SMART LTE

A few days ago, I thought of using my Smart LTE sim card to an iPad 4 or Mini and see if the LTE service would work. Alvin of Cheftonio.com had a similar thought when he tweeted about it a few days ago. He said that he will try it with an iPad 4 once he gets a chance.

I got my friend to lend me his iPad 4 cellular and I was able to acquire a Smart LTE Prepaid SIM (I’m too lazy to take out my SIM card from the iPhone 5) the other day. I had to update my friend’s iPad 4 in order for it to have LTE connectivity. After the update, I activated the SIM and inserted it to the iPad 4 with a MicroSIM adapter. It wasn’t too long until the 3 magic letters appeared on the upper left corner of the iPad 4.

Now that we know it works, how fast is it? I did 3 tests for today, one in Pasong Tamo and the other 2 here in Jupiter St. Here are my Speedtest results:











The left picture shows the result on the iPad. The right picture is a screenshot on the iPhone while it is connected to the iPad 4’s Personal Hotspot.

I took a video of the iPad 4 earlier but the result was slower during the recording. I think Smart’s LTE is camera shy 🙂


Yesterday, Smart announced that they will be offering both the iPad 4 WiFi + Cellular and iPad Mini WiFi + Cellular starting on May 18. Is that a coincidence or what! No pricing for these yet but you can sign up on their website and be notified prior to the release date.

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