“TanaGirl” is Back in My Hands!

Sad yesterday, Happy today! I logged on to airfagev.com (a community for pinoy smartphone users) to check what’s going on and I clicked on the Buy and Sell section to see if someone is selling a 2nd hand smartphone. Someone with the nick of jtv17 posted about the smartphone he’s selling which is only for 6,500 pesos (roughly around $116) including the charger. I know there should be a camera included but I don’t need it because I still have my own from the previous phone. Besides, it will make the price higher. I called up the person and told me that phone is in good condition. Tempted, I told my mom about it and she willingly gave me the cash for me to buy the phone. I told her I’m going to pay her back, although I’m having a dilemna right now on how to do that because I still have to pay for the pocket pc I’m planning to buy next month. I called up jtv17 again and told him that I’m on my way to meet up with him. In less than half an hour, I arrived at his office and he showed me the phone. It looked pretty well, doesn’t have scratches on the phone’s body and the call keys are still shiny (unlike other 2nd hand units where the call keys have the “gulaman” look). The screen may have some scratches but it doesn’t matter. The phone worked perfectly fine!

I haven’t felt this euphoric for a long time! While driving back home, I kept on saying aloud my favorite phrase a la THE ROCK – “Finally!!! DR is back with a SAP!!!”

That evening I went to Doc Gary’s place (arowanaboy is his handle in airfagev) which is within our neighborhood so I can have my phone openlined. X-Mint, whose also from airfagev gave me his 64 MB MMC so I have a place to store for my other files. I thought I am not the type of person who would never use an MMC, especially if it only has 64 MB as its capacity, but I don’t have funds yet to buy a 128MB SD card so I told him I’m gonna buy it for 800 bucks. Good thing he agreed. We might meet up again tomorrow so I can have my keypads’ backlights changed as well. Doc also installed some utilities and applications in the phone. All I have to do now is to sync it with my pc so I can have my contacts restored in my phone.


It took me a short while to get used to the phone again. I only touched a Tanager phone once or twice ever since mine was stolen. I can’t take my eyes off my TanaGirl (that’s what I used to call my previous phone. am thinking of changing her name) Even if it’s only second hand, it’s still brand new to me, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving this phone!

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