Talking About: U.S. Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr.

U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas

U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas

Last night, a bunch of us social media enthusiasts were invited to attend the Social Media Day meetup with U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas, Jr. We know that Social Media Day/Weekend was on June 30, but this event is obviously a special one. It’s not everyday I get to meet a U.S. Ambassador whom I always see on the papers or on TV.


After his talk on social media, guests took turns to have a photo-op with the good Ambassador. Since his arrival, my eyes were zoned in on the tablet he was holding for the night. For a while there I thought he was holding an iPad Mini, but I saw the Samsung logo.



Later I found out that the tablet was a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. He used it to take a few photos during the event. The cupcakes served at Commune were also the stars of the night, and Ambassador Thomas took photos of them as well.



I found the chance to have my photo taken with him, but before that happened, I asked him why he chose a Galaxy Note 8 as his choice of device. “I have Apple products. I have an iPad, an iPad Mini, an iPod…” and he went on with his other Apple products. He has a BlackBerry for a smartphone, and he just happened to bring his Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on that evening. “All my (Apple devices) are from the U.S., and 1 from Korea” he quipped.


Big thanks to the U.S. Embassy Manila for inviting us to the meetup. And thank you Ambassador Thomas for celebrating Social Media Day with us!

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