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Create with ProArt Campaign Part 2

ASUS announces  its Create with ProArt Campaign Part 2. ASUS ProArt line of monitors ️ prides itself on having the truest colors, exceeding the expectations of colorists & graphic artists around the world. Monitor Calibration is one of the most important things you can do. ​ Now, ​ASUS gives back with two promotions for artists […]

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ASUS IoT Displays New AI Solutions at 2021 Engineering Design Show

ASUS IoT has announced its participation at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) 2021. The event was held at Coventry Building Society Arena in the United Kingdom from October 19-20, 2021. ASUS IoT showcased their latest AIoT products and solutions —including the ASUS IoT Tinker Board series, ASUS IoT Face Recognition Edge AI Dev Kit and ASUS […]

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Create with ProArt Campaign

ASUS has an ongoing event called the Create with ProArt Campaign. ASUS ProArt Monitors are the preferred and purchased monitor brand in Lazada by photographers, videographers, and digital content creators that leads to it being the No.1 ProArtists’ Choice monitor brand in the platform. With this momentous milestone, ASUS gives back with two promotions for […]

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