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Beats and Apple Sale on June 20

Heads up, gadgeteers! MSI-ECS is holding an Beats and Apple sale this weekend! Check out the insane promo prices found in the image below. Instead of purchasing an iPad and a Beats audio for Php 21,000 – Php 24,000.00, the packages can be bough between Php 12,995 – Php 14,995! That’s around 50% off!!! That’s not all! […]

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The New iPhone 6 is Pretty Expensive

The iPhone 6 is “Bigger than Bigger”, and more costly, too. Kimstore has announced on its Facebook Page that the Apple product that everybody covets is the most expensive iteration yet. Here are the prices: iPhone 6 16GB – Php 49,999 64GB – Php 54,999 128GB – Php 56,999 iPhone 6 Plus 16GB – Php […]

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