SUN Plan 450 Offers Better Value than GLOBE Plan 499

I used to have a Sun Postpaid line when I was still working in the Telecommunications Industry and I used its Call & Text Unlimited offer extensively to communicate with my office colleagues at any time of the day. It was very reliable to the point I also asked my current and new contacts if they have a SUN number I could save.

Drew Arellano, SUN's Newest Brand Ambassador

Drew Arellano, SUN’s Newest Brand Ambassador

That wasn’t my only good experience with Sun. Back in 2004. the Call & Text Unlimited was also offered to Sun Prepaid subscribers, and since my special someone back then was on Sun Postpaid, I got myself a Prepaid SIM and topped up with CTU packages. We were able to get in touch as much as we can without worrying being overcharged for excessive calls. I loved how SUN offers practical but reliable service to subscribers like myself.

A decade later with continuous growth in postpaid subscriptions, it’s about time that SUN levels up the competition and face head to head with GLOBE TELECOMS. How are they going to do that?


They’re aiming for Globe’s lowest plan offerings, an area where SUN is very familiar with. According to SUN Vice President Joel Lumanlan, “Globe has a ‘good percentage’ of Plan 499 subscribers.” SUN Plan 450 has a big possibility to lure existing and potential subscribers of the rival network with their irresistible offer. Just take a look at the chart provided by SUN:



As you can see, SUN’s Plan 450 give subscribers a lot more value by providing 20 hours of mobile data (who cares about packages?), 250 SMS to other networks, and a FREE ANDROID SMARTPHONE! Want more good news? During the Press Con, we were told that Contracts with phones will not exceed 24 months and you can even go for a shorter contract like up to 13 months before renewing it to get a new phone! Galing, di ba?

And of course, SUN’s coverage is a LOT more reliable than the competition.

I have to admit that the newest plan from SUN is so good, I caved and got myself a Plan 450 subscription! The free smartphone I got was an Alcatel Pixi 3 and man, I didn’t expect a very decent unit.



If you want to be practical but have the best value money can spend, #ChooseBetter, Choose SUN! Click on this link for more details on how to get your SUN Best Value Plan 450:

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