“Gumaganda ang Araw Mo!” – SUN Improves and Widens LTE Coverage in PH

Just as I was wondering if there are any new updates about SUN, I received a message that contains good news. SUN is very much alive, and to show that they are serious in staying in the Telecommunications industry, they’ve upgraded their 3G network to the newest and fastest LTE network.

Having a reliable LTE connection is a much these days. I’ve been using LTE for the past 4 years and it helped me with my blogging and freelance work. LTE is also useful for communication as I am able to do video calls via Facetime, Facebook Messenger or Viber with friends and relatives wherever they are on the planet. I also use LTE for entertainment like streaming tunes from Apple Music and videos on iflix, Netflix and YouTube. Lately, I use my LTE connection to play games both on my phone and laptop when I am out of the house. Since then, I always require an LTE connection wherever I go in the morning or evening, and SUN with their upgraded network can definitely provide that need.

Here’s another good news. Existing SUN Prepaid subscribers can go to any SUN Shop nationwide and have their old SIM Cards exchanged to a new SUN LTE SIM Card for FREE. To add, the new LTE SIM Cards will still retain their old mobile number, so no need to worry if your mobile number will be changed during the process. You may also have your new SUN LTE SIM Card cut to a Micro SIM or NANO SIM Card. On the other hand, SUN Postpaid subscribers will have their upgrades within the month.

Now the question is SUN’s LTE affordable for the consumers? SUN has been known for offering value-for-money deals since its inception. Here’s my last good news for the day: SUN will be offering SUN Big Time Data 70, which comes with 1GB data, unlimited texts to all networks, and 30 minutes of calls to SUN – all valid for 7 days for only P70.00. Sun Prepaid subscribers may simply text BDATA70 to 247 to subscribe to this offer.

By the way, here’s the newest TVC of SUN featuring their new endorsers Maja Salvador, Matteo Guidicelli and Vic Sotto:

If you’re not yet on SUN, why not buy a SUN LTE Prepaid SIM which you can buy for only P35.00 and subscribe to SUN Big Time Data 70? For sure, you’ll have a good day with the best and reliable connection from SUN.

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