Sun Cellular & Opera Offers Most Affordable Mobile Browsing


Dexter Chan, Mobile Internet Manager for Sun Cellular

Sun Cellular has partnered with mobile web browser Opera that would allow more Filipinos to access the internet from their mobile phones at the most affordable rates. They believe that their newest service called Browse On Opera will be able to achieve this goal.


Ivollex Hodiny, Opera’s Growth Director Asia SEA Marketing

According to the data presented to us by Dexter Chan, Mobile Internet Manager for Sun Cellular, 85% of the 35 million internet users use data-capable feature phones who rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. The good news is these users can download Opera Mini for free from the Sun Cellular mobile site and start subscribing to the service. Opera Mini is compatible with 3,000 types of handsets so even those subscribers with old phones such as the Nokia N70 can download the software. It also boasts up to 6 times faster browsing capabilities compared to other mobile internet browsers.


Sun Cellular subscribers will be able to enjoy unlimited mobile internet browsing through the Opera Mini software for as low as Php 15 per day. You can also visit for more information.

Though they said the service is unlimited, it was mentioned that there is a cap involved with regards to the amount of data used per day. The daily cap is 15MB and covers both (not each) uploads and downloads. Also, I noticed that the use of YouTube is also not covered in the service. I received a warning that I will be charged extra if I continued to watch the video. I think this is alright as the service is targeted towards feature phone users who, compared to some smartphone users, are not considered heavy users.

with new Key Account / Country Manager for Philippines Eiko Raquel and Ivollex Hodini

with new Key Account / Country Manager for Philippines Eiko Raquel and Ivollex Hodini

It was also announced that Ms. Eiko Raquel is the new Key Account / Country Manager for Opera. Eiko used to be the Business Development Manager of Yahoo! Philippines when I was still in the telco industry. Congratulations Eiko on your new role!

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