StratosMedia Partners with ASUS Fanless Chromebox for Digital Signage

ASUS announces its partnership with the software platform company StratosMedia. This partnership leverages ASUS Fanless Chromebox in cutting-edge digital signage and kiosk solutions. These solutions have been utilized by the car-staging company Conquest Staging to maximize impact on potential customers while providing visitor analytics.

A robust partnership delivering the future of digital signage with ASUS Fanless Chromebox

Digital signage increasingly engage visitors to enhance experiences. Many industries are faced with the need to analyze visitor interests and elevate customer retail experiences. ASUS has collaborated with  StratosMedia to provide digital signage solutions powered by ASUS Fanless Chromebox that harness these trends, and this partnership has successfully empowered Conquest Staging in creating interactive, customer-driven car discovery stations. At these stations, visitors can explore targeted information on the most frequently asked questions. The interface of each kiosk lets it understand visitor interests and requests and provide insights to car manufacturers.

The kiosks allow visitors to book a test drive from their home or a dealership. Visitors can request car information be sent to their mobile phone. Or users can utilize the car configurator to model their preferred car color. With the powerful hardware support from the ASUS Fanless Chromebox and the GDPR-compliant software from StratosMedia, detailed, real-time AI analytics help car companies to understand customer demographics and interests, which can then ensure that visitor experiences are optimized and enjoyable.

“We recognized the need to take our product directly to our customers in a friendly and customer-driven interactive experience and to have the ability to capture deep visitor analytics in real time,” said Tristan Kurz, CEO of Conquest Staging. “We are proud to be the first in the world to use the ASUS Fanless Chromebox. The installation and the performance have been very smooth — well above expectations. The partnership of StratosMedia, ASUS and design to production with Conquest Staging has delivered an enormously powerful product.”

ASUS Fanless Chromebox: Powerful performance and design

At 1.2 kg, the lightweight ASUS Fanless Chromebox enhances a wide range of applications. These include: digital signage, kiosks, warehouses, point-of-sale and wayfinding. It is the first fanless Chromebox to launch with a 10th Generation Intel® processor for excellent performance. The fanless aluminum chassis operates quietly while delivering enhanced reliability, protection against dust and reduced maintenance needs. It also features USB-C ® 3.2 Gen 1 and USB 3.2 Type-A ports for ultrafast connections. There’s built-in WiFi 6 connectivity for quick data transfers. Up to 16 GB of DDR4-2666 memory and up to 512 GB of M.2 SSD storage complete the package. It has support from Google Chrome OS with built-in Google Play.

Automatic updates ensure that the device always has the latest software and protection to stay safe from viruses, malware and other security issues.  Additionally, ASUS Fanless Chromebox has undergone rigorous tests for 24/7 reliability — such as enduring 35-degree heat and 80% humidity for 168 ageing hours — to ensure it meets exacting ASUS standards and exceeds industry requirements.

The content on kiosks and signages have remote management. It provides a convenient way for businesses to update their programs frequently and adapt to market changes. In addition, a lockable VESA mount and exclusive cable lock enable ASUS Fanless Chromebox to be securely mounted in a variety of locations. The device also supports up to three 4K displays simultaneously for brilliant, sharp visuals and powerful productivity. With its fanless design and excellent performance, ASUS Fanless Chromebox can power a variety of applications to unleash maximum business potential.

Future opportunities

Conquest Staging is planning to implement the same kiosks and digital signage solutions in other shopping centers. This follows after high level of satisfaction at the digital signage solutions from ASUS and StratosMedia. In light of the stages and presentations receiving high traffic volume, the response from car manufacturers has also been positive. The real-time user analytics and other benefits provided by these kiosks are demonstrating a strong return on investment.

In the future, ASUS seeks to engage with more verticals in digital signage solutions to expand uptake of ASUS Fanless Chromebox and to continue to provide customized customer journeys with incredible product performance.


ASUS Fanless Chromebox is currently available in the Philippines. Please email ASUS at or message them on

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