Starmobile B208 Phones are Assembled in Calamba, Philippines!

Since the boom of local brands in recent years, Filipino consumers always asked if they were made in the Philippines. One local brand tried to convince people through a TV show that their phones were manufactured here. Nobody believed and nobody cared (nobody knows the brand anyway!) Today I received a press release that the Starmobile B208 feature phones are being assembled in Calamba, Laguna.

I welcome this news even if it only involves assembly of feature phones. I am not sure how many workers they employ or how many locals were given a chance to assemble a Filipino branded phone. In the picture below, I am glad I know one of them.

Gerry Torres of Starmobile oversees the inspection of the Starmobile B208

I just found out that a former colleague of mine, Mr. Gerry Torres is now working with Starmobile and as seen in the picture is overseeing the assembly process. With his experience and expertise having worked with Alcatel and Cherry Mobile since the last decade, I am very sure their process will go well under his watch. The assembly starts today where they will work on 20,000 Starmobile B208 units. According to the press release, the facility can assemble a minimum of 1,000 units per day.

Congratulations Starmobile for this milestone!

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