Spotted Gadgets: Moga Pro Controller



A few weekends ago, my friends from Widget City invited me to visit their office and play several of their gadgets. What caught my attention is the Moga Pro Controller.

Playing casual games on a touchscreen smartphone is fine, but there are other intense games that require more than that. The Moga Pro Controller can let the user play these games with a controller similar to those popular gaming consoles.


Holding the Moga Pro is comfortable and lightweight. The rubber material on the grips will can ensure the gamer that the controller will not fall off his hands while playing. The joystick, D-Pad and other buttons function well and were pretty responsive with the game I’ve played with.

Now how do you start playing with this thing?

First, you’ll need to identify what games you want to play it with. According to the Moga Pro FAQ page, the MOGA Pro has 2 game modes available on it. In A mode, the MOGA Pro will let you play any of the MOGA Enhanced games that are currently available or will be available in the future. In B mode, the MOGA Pro can take advantage of any game that uses Bluetooth HID controls.


Next, clip your smartphone or phablet to the controller. The Moga Arm can make this happen by unfastening it from the bottom of the Moga Pro and stretch it according to the width of the smartphone.

You can’t attach a tablet on the Moga Pro but it comes with a tablet stand in the package.



They lent me a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to use with the controller. It was already installed with the Migo Pro Pivot app which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. Pairing by bluetooth wasn’t that quick but I didn’t wait that long. I then proceeded to play one of the games they have already downloaded on the Note 2. Some of the games found in the Pivot app are free while others are need to be bought.

This is what it looks like with the Galaxy Note 2:



I played Crazy Snowboard Pro with the Moga Pro Controller and it was awesome!  Check out the video below:

Of course I played better with 2 hands 🙂

I’m not really a gamer, but I liked the controller and if I have extra cash right now I would probably buy one. How much? Widget City is selling it for Php 3,500.00. If you’re interested, head over now to Widget City’s website.

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