Sony PlayStation 5 is Revealed!!

June 11, 1PM PST / June 12, 4AM PHT – Direct from the PS5 – THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW, the Sony PlayStation 5 is Revealed!!

First, the Sony PlayStation 5 console itself, looking sleek and stylish in its upright / tower configuration:

Right off the bat, another PS5 variant is revealed, the “Digital Edition”:

Just looking at the 2 consoles side by side, the biggest difference is the Digital Edition’s lack of an optical drive. This is probably intended for gamers who prefer digital downloads instead of physical discs, and hopefully means a lower price than the standard console.

Here is another shot of the PS5 laid on its side:

No photo description available.

The DualSense Controller is a marked improvement over the current DualShock 2, not just in its looks and features:

…But in its capabilities as well:

This is similar to the tactile vibration settings on a mobile phone when an action is done. However this is expected to provide more feedback, especially when moving over uneven surfaces as they happen on-screen.
Adaptive Triggers will offer a different resistance for the L2 and R2 buttons and will help differentiate between, for example, firing a bow vs firing a shotgun.
This is another feedback/control mechanism that might be built in to work hand in hand with PSVR.

The PS5 peripherals were also revealed:

We have yet to confirm if the standard PS5 package will include all the other peripherals aside from the DualSense controller. The Media Remote is a rather pleasant surprise, and seems to hint at Sony pushing the PS5 to be marketed as not just a gaming console, but going towards the direction of a media center.

Other features of the PlayStation 5 that were presented in the reveal (some of which were already mentioned in Mark Cerny’s PS5 reveal last year):

Several games were also announced, with a few being slated for a Fall 2020 / Holiday 2020 release:

There were no specs or price mentioned in this reveal, though speculations peg the release price at the US$400-500 range or so. There was also no specific date announced for the PS5 release, but with some of the games due for release late this year, we’ll most probably see a late 2020 release.

In any case, we’ll probably get another announcement during Q3 of 2020 for the final release date, specs, prices, and other specific info. Stay tuned as we will post any new info related to the PlayStation 5. Thanks for reading!

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