Sony Officially Launched the PS4 and PS Vita TV

PS4 01


For the first time, Sony officially launched the best gaming console we have been waiting for in the Philippines.

I’m not a hardcore gamer, heck I don’t consider myself a gamer, but the arrival of the PS4 somewhat excites me with features that would make me giddy like a kid again.

PS4 02


Of course games like NBA2K14 are enough reasons to make me stay in my house for the weekend (even maybe a week!), but when the PS4’s AR (Augmented Reality) feature was demoed to us by hosts Gino Quillamor and Riki Flores, I was blown away! I imagine I can do away with those PS4 games and spend the whole day with my daughter playing them graphic rich AR games.

I’m now giving the PS4 a VERY serious thought. The SRP of Php 26,999 for the Console with Camera (Php 24,999 for the Console only) sounds tempting.


Other things I learned about the new PS4 during the launch:

  • Gamer Focused, Developer Inspired – Specifically tuned for the greatest game developers in the world.
  • Socially Inclined – Engage in endless personal challenges with the PS Community.
  • Shared Game Experiences – Share epic triumphs with the SHARE button on the controller.
  • New DUAL SHOCK Controller – For a more immersive gaming experience.

PS4 03


Here are the features of the new Dual Shock Controllers:

  • Improved analog sticks and trigger buttons
  • New Multi-Touch and Clickable Touch Pad
  • 3 LEDs inside the Light Bar
  • Six Axis Sensor
  • Built-in Speaker and Stereo Headset Jack (I would really appreciate this!)

SRP: Php 3,399.00

PS4 08

The PS Vita TV also got my attention during the launch. With the size of 6.5cm x 10.5cm, it must be the smallest gaming console ever built, even smaller than the game controller in the picture above. The cool thing about the PS Vita TV is the ability to connect with the PS Vita portable gaming console, meaning player 1 (on the PS Vita TV) and player 2 (on the PS Vita) can play together!

Guess where the PS Vita TV console is?

Guess where the PS Vita TV console is?

I was advised that the SRP is around Php 8,500.00. Wow!!

And lastly, we have the PS Vita 2000. SRP is Php 11,999. I’ve rejected the idea of buying Sony’s portable gaming console for almost a decade. Will this make me finally get one?

PS4 10

Here are some photos of the PS4 accessories:

PS4 04


PS4 05

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