Smartphone with a Data Plan – Is It Necessary?*

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is my current smartphone Superphone that helps me with my tasks involving work, side-projects and entertainment on a daily basis. I’ve been using Smartphones & PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant or Palm Pilot as some of you would call it) for a decade since I find them cheaper and more mobile than buying laptops, which were more expensive at that time. Marveling at the power and style of this Samsung Galaxy S3 I’m holding right now, I can’t help but wonder – can it survive without a mobile data plan? Of course it can, however, smartphones nowadays are highly recommended to be online all the time. Most apps need to be updated regularly via the internet for them to function well. You even need the internet on your smartphone to check the latest chika on your Facebook or Twitter timeline.

I find the Samsung Galaxy S3’s hardware awesome, so awesome it would be a waste if I don’t have a reliable 3G network. I rely on my phone’s apps, and my apps rely on my data connection, a stable connection at that. I am a demanding mobile tech user for years and I’m even more demanding now because all the work that I do revolves around the internet. Luckily, I’ve subscribed to Smart’s unlimited data for the past  couple of years and with my Galaxy S3, I consider them as a perfect combination. Here are the things that I’ve done with my Galaxy S3 with my 3G service:

  1. I was able to do Skype calls with my colleagues based in the U.S. Calls were clear, I even thought I used my voice plan to make those calls.
  2. Watched a training video on the Galaxy S3 created by my colleague. It was in high-definition but I was really surprised that it only encountered a few hiccups while I played it. On another occasion, I watched one of my favorite HD videos by Jamiroquai on YouTube and there were no bufferings at all. All the more I appreciated watching the HD version on the Galaxy S3’s Super HD AMOLED screen.
  3. I’ve started using Dropbox to share ideas with a partner for a project we are working on. Some of the photos I uploaded were taken by my Galaxy S3’s 8MP camera, which translates to a large amount of files. But because of my fast 3G speeds, they get uploaded in no time!
  4. I move around and can set up my mobile office anywhere I please. If the place doesn’t have a WiFi hotspot, no problem! All I need to do is turn on the Galaxy S3’s WiFi Hotspot and I can go online. Now, in order for me to get to work, I need to be connected to our VPN (Virtual Private Network) as well. It relies on a stable internet connection and thankfully, I rarely experience problems connecting to it that could stall me from working.
  5. Yes, I work all the time but I am also active in social networking sites. I share photos taken with my Galaxy S3 by posting them on Twitter or Instagram.  Uploading is always a breeze.
  6. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a HSPA+ phone. There are some areas in the metro where I experience speeds of 3-5 Mbps thanks to the Speedtest app. No wonder my data connection is flawless!

These are just some of the benefits of having a reliable data connection with an excellent smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S3. With such combo, I am able to work fast and smart to be ahead, and not to catch up. So if you think that you should not get a data plan with a smartphone, think of Captain America asking you this question: “Take away that internet connectivity from your Galaxy S3 and what would you be?”

* Originally posted on June 23, 2012

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