Smartphone Technologies that Might Find its Way to the OPPO FIND X

OPPO keeps on introducing new technologies to make smartphones more than just a communication tool. During our factory tour in their Shenzhen plant last year, they emphasized about their meticulous process in improving their cameras. They also pioneered the world’s first beautify technology to make pictures look glamorous. Nowadays, OPPO users whether they’re using an F3, F5 or the latest F7 models are enjoying the fruits of these technologies. With the OPPO Find X waiting to be unveiled a few days from now, let’s revisit some of the new technologies from OPPO which we could possibly see working in their latest phone.


OPPO VOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging) technology are found in some of the Find series and the OPPO F1 Plus. OPPO Phones with VOOC charging can be charged from 0% to 75% in thirty minutes. They use a special MicroUSB cable and USB Charger Head for VOOC to work. We haven’t seen this feature for around a couple of years now, but we may see it again anytime soon especially with the OPPO Find X. In the Mobile World Congress in 2016, OPPO announced their new Super VOOC Flash Charge. Compared to their previous VOOC charging, the Super VOOC can fully charge a 2,500 mAh battery in just 15 minutes! WOW!!! 


As I have mentioned earlier, OPPO takes their innovations seriously especially in the camera aspect of their phones. A year after their announcement of the Super VOOC, OPPO announced again in the 2017 edition of MWC the exclusive “5x Dual Camera Zoom” technology. Inspired by the submarine’s periscope, “5x Dual Camera Zoom” technology uses a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. The telephoto lens applies a periscope-style structure, where its angle is rotated at 90 degrees, giving the lens enough space for a deep zoom. Thanks to this construction, the new dual-camera guarantees a better performance while at the same time keeps the device thin. The 5x dual camera module is only 5.7mm thick, which is even 10 percent thinner than a traditional 2x optical zoom lens in a smartphone.


In January of this year, OPPO announced the 5G pilot program in cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies. Last month on May 10, the OPPO Global Research Institute in Shenzhen successfully demonstrated the World’s First 5G Video Call Demo using 3D Structured Light Technology. 5G network and 3D structured light technology provide consumers with potentially lifestyle-changing innovations such as Secure Payment, 3D Reconstruction, AR, Gaming, etc.

These innovative concepts carry the spirit of OPPO’s continuous exploration. They may or may not “find” its way in the new OPPO Find X, but we would still definitely like to see them get implemented in the near future.

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