Smarter Robotics Wants to Power the Future with A.I. and Humanoid Robotics

Whenever I hear “A.I.” and “robotics” uttered in the same breath, they’re often followed by “Skynet” or “Terminator” and lengthy discussions about the exploits of Sarah Connor in preventing a worldwide hostile robot takeover.

But the people behind Smarter Robotics speak of a friendlier, and much more positive spin on these terms. It is their belief that fostering interest in A.I. and humanoid robotics in people as young as children is crucial for progress, as the pool of talent in the field is still severely lacking.


With that goal in mind, Smarter Robotics has been one of the few IT services in the country holding robotics classes for kids in classrooms such as MindChamps Pre-school in Shangri-la mall in Mandaluyong, and various other partner schools. Their curriculum is extensive, covering kids from as young as 5 years old, up to senior high school students.

The course syllabus for each level is comprehensive and taught by well-qualified Robocoaches aided by software and hardware solutions provided by their partner UBTech. From the entry-level Jimu robot, all the way to the Yanshee, students will be able to carry on the fundamentals that they learn onto next levels.


Onto more practical applications, Smarter Robotics is also introducing Cruzr, a customized, cloud-based, intelligent humanoid service robot developed closely with UBTech. It’s quite the versatile machine, which could be at home at a retail store helping customers with helpful suggestions and information, or even at secure locations acting as roving surveillance.

Smarter Robotics is putting great emphasis on the “humanoid” part of Cruzr. In addition to its humanoid form, the A.I. component of Cruzr also learns from interacting with users, able to build up its knowledge akin to how a person would.

All of that said, Smarter Robotics reiterates that they are not in the business of just selling robots. Whether you’re a school interested in implementing an AI and robotics program in their school, or a mall looking to have a dozen Cruzrs patroling their establishment, Smarter Robotics is determined to lend their expertise in ensuring that the experience is holistic and fruitful by closely working with your organization.

Interested in Cruzr or in their robotics classes? Contact Smarter Robotics at 0998 882 8087 or email them at

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