SMART TNT Now Offers Free 1GB Access to Instagram and Facebook!

SMART is treating Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers with FREE 1GB access to Instagram and Facebook (IG+FB) with every registration to select promos. With FREE IG+FB For All, millions of Smart Prepaid and TNT users may enjoy worry-free access to Instagram and Facebook to post their latest travels and OOTDs, keep up with the posts of their favorite celebrities and content creators, share trending memes, and bond with friends and loved ones over the latest online buzz.

Now that SMART has offered free access to these top two social media apps, subscribers may enjoy their open access data allocation for their other online activities, such as reading blogs and news sites, watching vlogs and series, streaming music, playing mobile games, and accessing productivity apps, among others.

Smart Prepaid and TNT users may enjoy FREE IG+FB for All by following these steps:

  1. Dial *123#
  2. Choose Option 2: FREE IG+FB
  3. Select promos starting Php20 and up

Upon successful registration, subscribers shall be instantly notified of their Free 1GB of IG and FB, valid throughout the duration of the promo they have chosen.

Smart and TNT subscribers can browse social media updates seamlessly, upload and share their favorite content in a flash, and send messages in real time Рpowered by the country’s undisputed fastest LTE network.

Learn more about FREE IG+FB FOR ALL by following Smart on Facebook (, Twitter and Instagram (@LiveSmart).

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