Smart Reveals iPad 4 & iPad Mini LTE Plans


Smart held a press briefing at the Jump Center in SM Megamall yesterday to announce their pricing for the iPad 4 & iPad Mini WiFi+Cellular models. Available in Plan 499 and Plan 999, subscribers can choose between a lower plan with 65 hours of 3G/LTE usage with Anti-Bill Shock Protection or a higher plan with unlimited 3G/LTE. Prepaid packages are also available for both models.

How is Smart making these deals special?

For Plan 999, you can get an iPad with Retina Display or iPad Mini WiFi+Cellular Php 8,000 cheaper than their usual retail prices. See their price comparisons below taken from their website:



For Plan 499, not only you can get discounts for as much as Php 8,000 but also have the option to pay in 24 months amortization for the device. How much is the lowest you can pay for an iPad Mini 16GB WiFi+Cellular with a Plan 499 LTE Plan? According to Smart’s website, you can get it for a low price of Php 1,373.58 (All-In) per month! And if you are an existing Smart subscriber, all you need to do is present a valid I.D.

That’s not all. Smart is offering premium offers along with your new iPad 4 or iPad Mini: A free reversible neoprene sleeve, vouchers for discounts of up to 20% on accessories, complimentary tickets for two to their Digital Lifestyle Sessions at the Jump Experience Center, and a Best Priced Insurance against theft or accidental loss and damage for as low as Php 1,371 a year.


During the press briefing, they tested the LTE service on an iPad 4th Gen while it’s connected to a large LED TV. One suggested to visit the movie trailer site of Apple and while it suffered a couple of hiccups at the start of the video, it played the rest very smoothly. Another high-res video, about a wedding this time, was played on Vimeo and there was absolutely no buffering at all. We’ve totally forgotten that the video was streaming from the iPad thanks to Smart’s LTE connection.

According to Ron Molina, Senior Manager for Smart Broadband, “it is the perfect time to consider a WiFi+Cellular iPad with Smart’s LTE network”. If you agree with Ron’s statement, then you can get an iPad Retina Display and iPad Mini with WiFi+Cellular today at one of Smart’s 52 Wireless Centers nationwide or you can order from their online store.

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