SMART Releases Bonus Data for Postpaid Subscribers

Since the start of the Community Quarantine, most of us are stuck at home fiddling with our smartphones. We have nothing else to do (assuming you have already cleaned the house or washed your clothes) but be locked on Facebook all day, call and messaging friends and loved ones on Viber, sharing crazy antics on TikTok, streaming videos on YouTube or Netflix or playing mobile games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Doing this everyday will consume your data allocation for the month. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Fortunately, SMART has begun rolling out Bonus Data for their new and existing Postpaid Subscribers!

Depending on their plan, active Smart postpaid customers will be automatically credited with a one-time bonus data ranging from 2.5GB to as much as 60GB, valid for 30 days. Smart’s one-time bonus data for postpaid customers builds on many other efforts by the PLDT Group to provide connectivity and convenience to customers during these difficult times. Earlier, PLDT and Smart announced a 30-day payment extension period for all postpaid customers.

Here are the bonus data given to existing SMART subscribers:

These are the Bonus Data given to NEW SMART Subscribers:

I already received a message last week regarding my Bonus Data:

If you’re a SMART Prepaid subscriber, Smart also announced a special 30-day eLoad discount via the Smart Online Store at Discounts ranging from 5% for P200 and P300 eLoads to 10% discount for P1000 eLoad are available from March 17 until April 14.

Stay safe indoors and use your Bonus Data wisely!

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