Smart Launches First Prepaid LTE Services in the Philippines



Smart Communications has finally launched the first and only prepaid LTE service for LTE-capable handsets in the Philippines. The wireless leader launched its first commercial LTE services in 2012 for postpaid subscribers, and announced the availability of the first prepaid LTE SIMs for broadband devices such as dongles, pocket WiFis and tablets last April.

With more than 57 million mobile subscribers, Smart currently has the biggest share in the country’s predominantly prepaid mobile market. Smart expects to expand the LTE service tot he vast majority of its subscriber base by offering affordable LTE bucket offers, and soon bundling the LTE prepaid service with entry and mid-level LTE-capable handsets.

“Aside from new subscribers, we are also eyeing current users of LTE-capable phones who don’t maximize the powers of their handsets because they still use non-LTE prepaid SIMs,” said Jane Basas, Head of Smart’s Prepaid Business Group. “With the LTE service being on prepaid, it will be easier for these users to upgrade SIMs and unlock the full potential of their devices.”


The Smart Prepaid LTE SIM is now available at select Smart Stores and various telco tiangges in key cities nationwide.┬áThese are available in two variants – the dual-cut MicroSIM for LTE-capable handsets with regular or MicroSIM slots, which is priced at Php 40.00 and includes 35 free SMS to any network while the NanoSIM for the iPhone 5 which is priced at PHP 100.00 includes PHP 50.00 load. Both can be loaded with Smart’s Prepaid LTE packages or buckets which offers unlimited LTE browsing for 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days. The one-day offer costs Php 50.00, the week-long package costs Php 299.00 while the 30-day package costs Php 995.00. These can be availed by simply texting LTE 50, LTE 299, or LTE 995 to 2200.

Existing Smart subscribers can also upgrade to LTE by purchasing the LTE SIM at Smart Stores, retaining their mobile number. The cost to upgrade is Php 40.00 for a MicroSIM and Php 100.00 for a NanoSIM.

With Smart’s ongoing network expansion, Smart LTE is now available in over a thousand sites spread across almost 180 cities and municipalities across the country. Smart LTE also covers all 17 cities and municipalities of NCR.


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