SMART iPhone X will be released on Dec. 1! Pre-Order Now Ongoing

Probably the most hyped iPhone since its introduction ten years ago, SMART officially announced that the Smart iPhone X will be available starting December 1. OH-EM-GEE!!! That’s just a few days away! We have Apple to thank for letting us have the latest iPhone for Christmas. We were supposed to have it around January next year.

You should already know by now why the iPhone X is a must-have device nowadays, but what makes people hesitant to buy it is its astronomical price. According to the Apple PH Store, the 64GB variant costs P64,990 while the bigger 256GB version has a price of P73,990.00. I know, I know, it’s too rich for our blood, but that wouldn’t stop us from getting one, right? Let me explain on how we can bring home the Smart iPhone X through Smart Postpaid.

What I would suggest especially for new subscribers or switchers from the other network is to get this offer of P3,199 paid monthly via your Smart bill. This amount covers your monthly Smart Postpaid Plan 1,499 and your gadget monthly amortization of P1,700. Plan 1499 includes 9GB of mobile data with 1 FREE app per month, 60 minutes of calls to all networks, unlimited text messages to all networks, and FREE 1 month Gadget Shield.

To be honest, paying P3,199 on a monthly basis for 24 months is surprisingly cheaper than what I’ve expected. Multiplying the monthly amortization of P1,700 by 24 months will result to only P40,800 for the iPhone X, P24,000 cheaper than what the Apple store is selling.

Meanwhile, Globe is offering their iPhone X for P3,399 per month, for a total of P81,576 for two years. The problem with Globe is you have to pay the monthly amortization via SELECTED CREDIT CARDS for 24 months. Otherwise, you will need to shell out P38,400 plus the advanced monthly service fee of P1,799 which totals to P40,199. The good news, you don’t need to do that with SMART! Your monthly amortization for the device (i.e. P1,700 for Plan 1499) is included in your monthly bill.

If you want an even better value, chose Smart Postpaid Plan 1999 to get more mobile data allocation. The plan includes 12GB of mobile data, 70 minutes of calls to all networks, unlimited SMS to all networks, FREE access to the app of your choice every month and FREE 1 month gadget shield. Because you got a higher Postpaid Plan, your monthly device amortization fee becomes lower at P1,400 a month.

THAT’S NOT ALL! If your pre-order for a Smart iPhone X gets approved, you will get a FREE BELKIN WIRELESS CHARGER at select Smart Stores or at the Smart Online Store. Also enjoy up to 15% discount on select iPhone X accessories at Power Mac. Definitely you will need to buy accessories like cases and screen protectors to protect your shiny brand new iPhone.

I’ve already pre-ordered and I can’t wait to get my Smart iPhone X later this week. Go ahead and sign up as well at or visit a Smart Store nearest you.


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