SMART iPhone SE on May 26 – FREE on Plan 1500

Just a couple of weeks more and we can finally order the SMART iPhone SE! If you all can recall, it was last March when Apple made the announcement of a newer version of the iPhone 5s. Some of you may think that it’s better to buy the 5s than the SE. Yes, the iPhone 5s will be definitely cheaper, but you’ll miss out the newer hardware and camera of the SE. Oh, the 5s doesn’t come in Gold and Rose Gold too.

Now the question is, under what Postpaid Plan can we get the iPhone SE from SMART? In my blog post last March, I predicted that the Telcos might offer it for FREE under Plan 1500. Guess what? I was right on the money! The Smart iPhone SE will be offered under SMART Postpaid Plan 1500 with 8GB of mobile data. Not only that, the plan also comes with All Month Surf which can give subscribers access to all top websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and messaging apps like Viber, Line, FB Messenger, etc. Please take note that the contract for Plan 1500 is 30 months.

“iPhone SE proves that indeed big things can come in small packages, and we can’t wait for more Filipinos to enjoy Apple’s top-of-the-line features in such a compact and affordable device,” said Smart Brand Head Kathy C. Carag.

 “And as we always say, your phone is only as powerful as your network. Smart’s nationwidest network powers the new iPhone SE to keep up with your very active mobile lifestyle – from your daily dose of mobile surfing and gaming, instant social media sharing, and seamless music and video streaming on the fly,” she added.

So if you’re looking for a smaller iPhone that doesn’t break your wallet that much, sign up on this link: Click here if you want to know more about the iPhone SE:

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