SMART iPhone 8 for only P2,699 a Month is a Great Deal!

Yes, it’s that time of the year for local iPhone availability announcements. As I was about to ask my preferred telco about the new iPhone 8 and X availability, I was sent an email about the new SMART iPhone 8 Postpaid Plans. YES!

Check this out. For as low as P2,699 a month, you can already bring home a Smart iPhone 8 as early as November 17. What’s the breakdown for this amount? A Smart Postpaid Plan 1999 and a monthly amortization fee of P700. A subscriber will have 12GB of data, 1 FREE APP monthly, Unlimited SMS to all networks, 70 mins. calls to all networks, and FREE Gadget Shield for 1 month. Now if you dig this Postpaid plan but want to get a Smart iPhone 8 Plus instead, just pay the monthly amortization fee of P1,000 which means you only need to shell out P2,999 a month!

Now what’s great with SMART (and one of the reasons why I continue to subscribe to their Postpaid Plans) is you can charge your device cost to your monthly bill. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED! Like in my example above, the monthly total of P2,699 which are your Smart Postpaid Plan 1999 and your monthly amortization fee of P700 per month will be charged directly to your Smart Postpaid Account.

Speaking of handset cost, SMART offers the iPhone 8 at lower prices. Case in point: Online sellers are currently selling the iPhone 8 between P40,000 – P44,000.00. The P700 you pay for your monthly amortization will total to only P16,800 after 24 months. You, my friend, will save at least P23,000! If we are to compare against the other network’s iPhone 8 offers, you can see in the screenshot below that their handset cost is between P19,200 for their equivalent plan. I would also like to mention that they do not offer their amortization fees to be charged to their postpaid plan so you need to cough up that amount of cash if you decide to subscribe to them.

You’ll be happy to know that you can get a lot of value from subscribing to a Smart Postpaid Plan like Plan 1999. Based on my personal experience, I get fast LTE connection wherever I go. Uninterrupted YouTube, iflix and Netflix streaming and lag-free voice calls via Viber and Facebook Messenger are some of what I enjoy and have already gotten used to. I have strong consistent signal so I’m always reachable to receive SMS and voice calls.

Visit the Smart Store online at to pre-order a Smart iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. You may also visit your preferred Smart Store anywhere nationwide where the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will become available on Friday, November 17.


If you are going to order online via the Smart Store, you might get confused when selecting your Postpaid Plan. I took a screenshot and will guide you on this:

You will notice that there are two ADD TO CART buttons per plan. Apparently, subscribers have a choice to whether pay their gadget amortization fees on a monthly basis (which will be included in the bill) or pay the gadget amortization fee as a whole. I reckon SMART is giving the 2nd option for those subscribers who want to settle their amortization fees right away and they don’t want their bills to balloon.

So if you want to pay your iPhone 8 on a monthly basis, click the upper button.

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