SMART has a MyTV Promo


Looks like SMART Communications want to dispose their Nokia N77 stocks by doing a promo they started last December. They’ve been posting newspaper ads every week and the more I see it, the more I get enticed. Why wouldn’t I?

According to the ad: “Now at Plan 800, you get a free Nokia N77 with free access to myTV.” (myTV subscription is only free during trial period. myTV service is available in select areas only.)

I remember a fellow forum member in Pinoy Windows Mobile saying “imagine watching WWE RAW on your phone while you’re in your office desk!” Honestly, I haven’t been watching TV that much but I thought it would be nice to have some Cable TV entertainment wherever I go.

So earlier today, fellow Pinoy Windows Mobile Moderator Korben also became interested with the promo and wanted to check it out. Both of us went to the SMART Tower in Ayala Avenue to inquire and we talked to Jonathan, a sales officer for Postpaid Lines. We were told that the phone is for free if I’m going to use my credit card for auto debit (for the monthly fees), otherwise I’ll have to shell out Php 750 (around US$ 16) for the unit. Aside from that, I’ll also have to pay Php 800.00 in advance for a total of Php 1,550.00. I have no problem with that and so I signed up for it! I’ll be called next week if my application is approved.

I was made to sign a waiver that the MyTV service cost Php 250 a month for a lock-in period of 14 months. The service is free as of the moment due to pending legal issues.

I’ll make more research about the phone and the service to help me decide whether I would push through with my application or not.

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