SMART Giga Surf 99 and All Out Surf 99 Promos for 1 Week Only

Remember the Giga 99 Promo SMART offered last June? Well, it’s back! As an early Christmas treat, SMART Giga Surf 99 and All Out Surf 99 promos are back for a limited time period.

Subscribers of SMART Giga Surf 99 (like me for testing phones) currently get 2GB of data with unlimited text messages to all networks. With this new promo, we will get an additional 1GB, making it 3GB of data to consume within 7 days! Alright! For SMART All Out Surf 99, subscribers will get an additional 1GB data, making it 2GB total plus UNLIMITED FACEBOOK, 100 minutes worth of calls to SMART, SUN, and TNT, and unlimited text messages to all networks all for 7 days. That’s a good deal too. Maybe I should try All Out Surf 99 too.

The promo will run from November 11 to 17, 2017. To subscribe to Giga Surf 99, just text GIGA99 and send to 9999. For All Out Surf 99 just text ALLOUT99 and send to 9999.

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