Subscribe to a Smart GigaX Plan and Get a Samsung Galaxy S9 Cheaper than SRP!

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been announced, I’m sure some people will complain about their higher SRPs. If you’re still unaware, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is priced at P45,990 while the S9+ is at P52,990. Rather than sit in the corner and cry or slash your wrist, why not consider the alternative? Subscribe to SMART’s New GigaX Plan and own a Smart Galaxy S9 or S9+!
How does it work?  First, I recommend subscribing to the new GigaX Plan 1499. This new plan consists of 5GB of data for all website and app access, 10GB of data for video apps that include YouTube, iflix, FOX+ and I Want TV, Unlimited SMS to all networks, 60 minutes of calls to all networks, and data roll-over which means your unused data for the month will be added on to the next month!
The new GigaX Plan you have chosen has a corresponding monthly cash-out installment, so for GigaX Plan 1499, the Smart Galaxy S9 monthly fee is only P1,000, totaling to P2,499 per month. If you choose the Galaxy S9+ then the monthly installment will be P1,300 totaling to P2,799 per month!
So how is it cheaper than the SRP? Let’s do the math. The lock-in period for each contract is 24 months, so if you choose the S9 you will only pay P24,000 and the S9+ for P31,200! That’s hella lot cheaper than P45,990 and P52,990, don’t you think?
Is there a Cash-Out?
The answer is YES. The cash-out is divided into 24 months billed monthly on top of your bill. See the example I’ve given above.
Can I pay the cash-out in full?
I’m not entirely sure about this though I’d like to think they will allow it. You can check with the Smart Store nearest you.
Do I need to have a Credit Card to pay my bills monthly?
As far as I know, there’s no need to have your credit card enrolled for auto-debit as a requirement.
Why is SMART offering the Smart Galaxy S9 and S9+ cheaper than retail price?
Uhm, because I think they love us?
Sign up now by visiting this link: Or you may visit your preferred SMART Store in your area.
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