Smart-Disney Partnership will Provide Digital Entertainment Content to Subscribers

Like any other kid, I grew up watching all the Disney cartoons that were either shown on TV or rented in Betamax (yes, we had one when I was still very young.) I adored all their characters, but believe it or not, I liked Donald Duck even more. I thought he’s funny and we kinda share the same trait – being hot tempered on things that makes us impatient. I loved Disney so much that my mom brought me to Disneyworld in Florida, the highlight of our North American trip in 1991. I didn’t want to blink for the whole time, I wanted to relish those moments of being in “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Of course I had pictures with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. Too bad I couldn’t find Donald though, but at least we bought his T-Shirt which I wore on our last day of our Florida trip.

with the adorable Pluto at Disneyworld, Florida way back in 1991

with the adorable Pluto at Disneyworld, Florida way back in 1991

Fast forward to the present, my kid is now the hardcore Disney fan as she is always hooked to the Disney channel. Her favorite Disney movie is Frozen, and she can even sing the movie’s memorable song “Let it Go.” Now that I’m a father, do I still like Donald Duck? I still do, but times have changed since 20 years ago as the company had already bought Marvel and most recently Lucasfilm. Now I can now say that I am still a Disney fan because I want to be like Tony Stark/Iron Man or a Jedi Master.

The reason why I mentioned my history with Disney is because my favorite telco provider, Smart, has partnered with the Walt Disney Company. How will this Smart-Disney partnership work? Simple. Smart will now be able to provide unprecedented access to Disney’s entertainment digital content to its subscribers. We’ll be able to download Disney’s ebooks and games to our smartphones and tablets at much affordable rates. What’s also good about this is we don’t need to use our credit cards as these will be charged on top of our Postpaid account or deducted from our Prepaid credits.

Head on to this link: and start downloading. Don’t worry, there will be more content to download in the next few weeks. I’ll be downloading some games for my daughter so stay tuned for my next post on how to download Disney content on your smart devices.

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