Smart BRO LTE Home WiFi – The Best Alternative to have Internet in your Home

SMART has been upgrading their LTE connection for the past several months. Personally, I can say that I felt these improvements. In my household, I have excellent LTE signal in all areas. Voice call quality has improved too as I do not have to go our garage just to make or receive calls. On top of that, the LTE upload and download speeds have been boosted. Sometimes, I don’t even bother connecting my iPhone to my home’s broadband connection. I just leave my SMART LTE connection on and let it do the work by downloading emails, social network notifications and app updates on its own.

Recently, Smart BRO launched a new WiFi device for home use. The Smart BRO LTE Home WiFi is a new product aimed for households without broadband connections. As early as now, I think it is the BEST option to have in your home. Here’s why:

  • Wired internet requires provisions in your home. If you don’t have such, you may have a hard time installing your broadband internet.
  • Installation of broadband internet requires installation fees.
  • The wireless modem that comes with the broadband connection may not be able to penetrate the walls of your home. You will be forced to go out of your room and use your device near the modem.
  • There are monthly fees that you need to settle

Before I move on, here’s a YouTube video of the Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi.

With the new Smart BRO LTE Home WiFi, you can place it anywhere in your home without installation. Just plug it in a power outlet and viola, you have instant WiFi connection.


The good news here is the LTE Home WiFi is 2x faster than our Smart BRO LTE Pocket WiFi. It also has a minimum speed of 512 kbps which is acceptable when browsing Facebook or other websites. Compared to WiFi modems and Pocket WiFi devices, the LTE Home WiFi can pass through walls effectively so you don’t have to move out of your room to get a decent internet connection.

The Smart BRO LTE Home WiFi is available on Prepaid for a one-time fee of P1,995. It comes with 10GB of data valid for 7 days. You can easily top-up your LTE Home WiFi just the way you top-up your Smart Prepaid phone.

I was told that I will be a sent a unit for review so I will post my experience with it soon. Meanwhile, check out this link for more details. If you are already decided to get a unit, click here:

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