SMART BRO LTE Device Pricedown!

Good news for those who are looking for an affordable LTE Pocket WiFi! Smart BRO has lowered down the price of its popular LTE Pocket WiFi from Php 4,888 to Php 3,495! That’s a big price drop and I applaud our friends from Smart BRO for doing this for their customers whom they want to experience fast LTE connectivity.

The Smart BRO LTE package includes 7 days of Unlimited Internet Surfing with download speeds up to 42 Mbps. The LTE Pocket WiFi can handle up to 10 connections. In my case, that would be my MacBook, my iPhone 6, my Samsung Galaxy S6, my O+ USA 2-in 1 Convertible…. basically all the gadgets I usually bring!

The pricedrop is just in time for the school opening, so if I were you, go to this link and buy your Smart BRO LTE Pocket WiFI now!


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